Individual Tutoring

The treatment for dyslexia is educational, and research shows that the most effective remediation is specialized instruction. The most efficient, high impact delivery of this specialized instruction is through individual tutoring.

The Orton-Gillingham approach was developed by the neurologist Dr. Samual Orton and psychologist Anna Gillingham in the early 20th century and continues to be a gold standard in multi-sensory dyslexia remediation. Like the word Montessori, Orton-Gillingham is not copyrighted, and as a result a range of quality exists with the term "Orton Gillingham" or "Orton Gillingham trained." Gina is Associate level with The Academy of Orton Gillingham.

The OG approach is customized, personalized instruction that is diagnostic and prescriptive. The lessons are diagnostic as student responses are continuously monitored to identify both progress and problems, and the lessons are prescriptive because future lessons are planned to focus primarily on the student's area of difficulties vs. following a pre-determined curriculum.